Today Republicans will deliberate over further changes to HB 435. Legislators are continuing to receive phone calls and emails from Ohioans demanding the protections of HB 248 as mandates are coming at them full throttle!

   Leadership is anxious to get their congressional redistricting map voting taken care of this week and many of our strong conservatives simply won’t give their vote until the Medical Freedom needs of their constituents are MET FIRST! These medical freedom champions want legislation that actually provides vaccine choice and discrimination protection for ALL!


     It’s unbelievable that so many Republicans sat Idle on 248 for almost seven months while their constituents suffered under mandates, many of whom have already succumbed to medical rape in order to provide for their families. We hope that voters will remember the names of those who did not stand with 248 and make sure they are no longer in office after the May primary!

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5 Points About Vaccine Mandates to Help Protect Religious Liberty for Parents and Students

1. Will my child be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine to attend school in the fall?

2. Could my child’s K-12 School require the COVID-19 vaccine in the future?

3. Can schools legally require the COVID-19 vaccine? If so, must they grant exceptions for students with religious objections?

4. How can I request a religious exemption?

5. What can I do if my exemption request is denied? What if I have other questions about my rights?

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Privacy vs Government Interest


Do you actually have the right to privacy?

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